Friday, December 18, 2009


Auto racing has become increasingly technical as teams learn how to build winning cars. But many technical tools, such as rolling-road wind tunnels and seven-post shakers are so expensive only the richest teams can afford them. The mission of Wm. C. Mitchell Software is to provide programs the world can afford and the largest teams will choose.

The RACING BY THE NUMBERS™ programs are intended for engineers, experienced crew members, and newcomers to the sport.  Over the last eighteen years the programs have been successfully used by Formula One, Indy Car, Formula Atlantic, Winston Cup, SCCA club racers, short track oval, autocross and Formula SAE teams.  Users have included professional engineers and design teams as well as racers new to computers.  Major auto manufacturers in the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa also use the programs.


WinGeo3 5.01 - Suspension Geometry with Force-Based Roll Centers

Gear Ratio

Driving Simulator


Engine and Chassis Calculator

Brake Calculator

Race Car Simulator

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  1. this software looks very useful. Is there a student copy or trial version?